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Looking for a website or apps? Check out all of our services.

Website Development

As a full stack developer, I will build your site from the server-side to the front-end and administrative panels.

IOS and Andriod Apps

Using the latest code technology, I will develope your apps and help submit them to the Google Play and Apple App stores

3D Solutions

From 3D Animations to Video Games and 3D Interactive Environments, I cover all aspects of 3D art.


System architecture, networking, and server security. Managing large teams ranging from general, billing, and sales to technical support can be the make or break factor of your projects success.


Lead generation, search engine optimization SEO, and demographic targeting is vital to any companies growth and visibility. When and how to market your product is a neverending dynamic strategy which needs to be done right every step of the way.

Penetration Testing

Go beyond common techniques of infiltrating your systems architecture. High risk vulnerabilities are found through determined penetration testing with prior knowledge of your systems running processes. Software is never the only solution to protect your project.


Industry level logo design and concept featuring various service options to accommodate any level of demand.

Audio and Video

Studio quality audio production, composition, engineering, and mastering. Cinematic visuals and effects with high-end production, composition, and edits.

Special Packages

Special packages designed to cover all aspects of business, from personal to enterprise.

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  • Logo
  • 3D
    Facial Expressions
  • Layout Design
    UI / UX
  • Website
    ARLife Transport
  • Logo
    Calabria Felix
  • Animated Video
  • Animated Video
    EcoFresh DryCleaners
  • Animated Video
    Calabria Felix
  • Video Conference
    Vido Conference
  • Website
  • App
  • E-Wallet
    Currency Platform
  • Website
    JG Security
  • Website
  • Website
  • Website
    EnnerCircle Social
  • App
    EnnerCircle Social
  • Website
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Cross Compile

With technology constantly evolving, it is difficult to select the right language to build your platform. With the power of [HAXE] Programming Language we build and maintain one code which can compile natively to numerous targets.

Not only will you maintain consistency and feature functionality accross all packages we deploy, we also maintain the possibility of utilizing new bleeding edge technology as drop in replacements.

Compile Targets

Rust + WASM


Check out the [benchmarks here.] From multiple queries to plain text, Rust proves it is in another paradigm of programming.

As the alternative recomendation of keeping your code dynamic with HAXE, building your platform with Rust will ensure you have the persistence of speed and saftey for future proofing your products architecture.


See what some of my clients had to say.


“Absolutely Amazing!!!! We are extremely thrilled and blesses to have found Bree Bee Freelance! The communication, collaboration, advice, feedback, and excitement has allowed us to take our project to the next level! We are going to enjoy a very LONG TERM relationship on this project and many others moving forward! We have been hiring freelancers for many years, and this has been by far our best hire to date. We not only have taken our project to the next level, we have eliminated tons of expenses related to servers, streaming, etc, by using new technologies and BreeBeeFreelance programming expertise! If you are looking for the BEST on Upwork, look no further, stop looking, and simply hire this company right now! It will be the best decision you ever make! If you have any questions, want reference, don't hesitate to contact me! Did I say how happy we are?!!!”


I have worked with Bridgett for almost a year on a very big, complicated, and for me a very expensive project. It is a website along with supporting apps that has similar features to Airbnb or Uber. Hopefully Leifway or Leif will be as ubiquitous a name as those two companies one day. This is my second big project from Upwork. The first time I hired a team of Indians from India and found the language barrier to be a bridge to far. So, I decided to not be cheap and hire an American. As far as ease of working with, Brigette is kind, and a pleasure to work with and feel as though she was personally invested in this project. And yes, no language barriers!

Budget Slayer

“I wish there were higher scores to give. This developer has worked on projects for me over the last 6 months and has exceeded every expectation I could have imagined. Her knowledge in all areas of development is very impressive & always finished on time. I will continue to hire her in the future and recommend her to anyone needing her services. Breebee is the Best!!”


"Professionaly delivered high quality work. Will hire again."

Bold Self

Highly trained professional. Very knowledgeable and responsive. I'm more than satisfied. I will Definitly keep in touch for future projects."


“After reviewing numerous bids for the development of our Internet site, we finally selected Brigitte as we felt that her bid and proposal met our technical, creative design, delivery and budget objectives. To date her work has been excellent, as she is extremely knowledgeable with regards to programming, coding and functionality for the back end development of the site. With regards to the work that she has done on the initial first phase of the project, we are extremely pleased and as a result, we are engaging the services of Brigitte again to complete the second phase of the development for the site. ”


Support Plans

General pricing plans for administrative services.


Suitable for Freelancer


Get your name out there.

  • Complex web development
  • Low cost static sites
  • Email Server
  • Full stack development
  • Voice and Video confrence
  • Frontend development
  • Admin dashboard development
Free Consoltation

Suitable for Freelancer


Reach more people.

  • Ios Applications
  • Android Applications
  • Cross Platfrom Developement
  • Testing
  • Applications Management
  • Game Development
  • mCommerce
Free Consoltation


Create a clear image.


Create a clear image.

  • Advertisments
  • Educational videos
  • Intros
  • 3D Characters Sculpting
  • 3D Characters Rigging
  • 3D Environments
  • 3D Effects
  • Edits
Free Consoltation